RW 2022

The 18th Reasoning Web Summer School

Virtual, 27-30 September 2022

Image credit: Stadtlichtpunkte,
license: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Reasoning Web Summer School 2022

Courses and Speakers

  • Joohyung Lee (Arizona State University, USA & Samsung Research). "Statistical Relational Extensions of Answer Set Programming".

  • Guy Van den Broeck (UCLA, USA). "Reasoning with Tractable Probabilistic Circuits".

  • João Marques-Silva (IRIT, CNRS, Toulouse, France). "Logic-Based Explainability in Machine Learning".

  • Emanuel Sallinger (Technical University of Vienna & Oxford University). "Vadalog: Its Extensions and Business Applications".

  • Sudeepa Roy (Duke University, USA) and Babak Salimi (UC San Diego, USA). "Causal Explanations and Fairness in Data".

  • Meng Wang (South East University, China) and Ningyu Zhang (Zhejiang University, China). "Cross-Modal Knowledge Discovery, Inference, and Challenges".

  • Giuseppe Marra (KU Leuven, Belgium). "From Statistical Relational to Neural Symbolic Artificial Intelligence".

  • Stefan Pabst and Cassandra Hunt (RelationalAI Inc., USA). "Building Intelligent Data Apps in Rel using Reasoning and Probabilistic Modelling".